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RoyalSoft is a water treatment equipment provider. RoyalSoft specializes in both commercial and residential service providing the best possible water treatment solutions from drinking systems to water softener and filtration systems.

Know Your Water

Each household has different water issues. That is why RoyalSoft is here to help you select the right choice for your situation. First off, let us start with the basics.
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Well Water
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City Water

There are obvious signs that you may have problems with your water. Everything from staining on cookery, glassware, and appliances, to foul smelling odors and taste. It is recommended that you get a water test to determine exactly what is in your water and to let RoyalSoft recommend the best possible solution to your problem.

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RoyalSoft Water Treatment Products

What our Clients have to say

  • The RoyalSoft water system is the best move I ever made. They cleaned and conditioned my hot water tank and boiler completely, no more hard crusty build up or white stains. Also my dishwasher works as if it was new.
    Sam Rosen Carmel, NY
  • RoyalSoft's analysis was of the root of our water issues (that were many) and was the most accurate & honest. From unusable, smelly water that was absolutely undrinkable, we now have great water for showers and even better water for drinking.
    Janice Aikman Wilton, CT
  • I purchased a RS-5 Pro Reverse Osmosis system for our drinking water. The system was a great value and the Clean Water Pro company had it installed within an hour. Safe clean water for my family at a reasonable price that couldn’t be beat. I recommend the RS-5 Pro from RoyalSoft to all my family and neighbors.
    Pat Colley Ridgefield, CT
  • Thank you RoyalSoft, I now have clean laundry again in my house. My new washer works like it was supposed to. And the RS5 drinking system has saved our family a bundle on bottled water. Great value for the money!
    Stacey G
  • RoyalSoft water conditioners are simply the best on the market. I bought it direct and my plumber had it conditioning my house within 2 hours. It was also the best value I found. We’re very happy I made the choice to go with RoyalSoft.
    John and Jenny Lenore Newfield, NJ
  • These guys are good. Very clean and easy to install. No gimmicks and just a plain old time quality with the newest technology. I would recommend them to my mother.
    Steven Bouwer MA
  • Very professional, very good prices, and just overall nice to work with. This company seemed very passionate about what they do and proud of their product. Their Carbon Pro is the best new product on the market today. It eliminated the harsh effects of this tough city water just as advertised. No more chlorine and chemicals and now our family can drink clean water right out of the tap.
    Bill O'Mara Baldwin, NY
  • RoyalSoft gave me quality and at a great low price, their buy direct online savings saved me almost 50% off retail price. Their new rotary control system is simply the best innovation on the market, thank you RoyalSoft!
    Mary G. Miami Springs, FL
  • Our new home had extremely hard water and a bad chlorine smell from the municipal water. After only one year we had already gone through a brand new water heater. We purchased a Twinsoft combo water treatment system from RoyalSoft. This all in one system not only gave our family beautiful soft water it also removed the chemicals that where harmful to us. Now thanks to RoyalSoft and their new Twinsoft we can enjoy water as nature meant it to be, clean and refreshing.
    Jess Godfrey Ladson, SC
  • I’ve used water softeners for over 25 years and have never had such a solid system. They are state of the art and have brought water treatment into another direction. The RS-1 Pro water softener is the single best investment that I’ve put into my home. Bought it direct, shipped to me quickly and was easy to install. Our plumber had it up and running in about an hour.
    Ted Manson Hopewell Junction, NY
  • The RoyalSoft AI-4 backwashing aeration filtration system with its new Rv-4 rotary control valve head eliminated our iron and removed the bad rotten egg smell that are farm had for years, and it was done without chemical injection that was proposed to us by another company. We saved by buying direct and had the unit installed by RoyalSoft's recommendation, It was quick and professional.
    Gabby Turner Gainesville, FL
  • Great new water technology, their new F-79 rotary disc valve head is years ahead all the rest. It is new technology for a new generation just like they said it was. RoyalSoft is the clear choice for our family’s clean water.
    Matt Bartucci Putnam, NY